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Another artwork fro Daoquan (Ceramic artist who created "Honeycrisp" from Jingdezhen, China)

In the visible spectrum, purple is the shortest wavelength of light. Purple is between blue and red and there are countless shades of light to choose from. A little more blue makes it look cooler, a little more red makes it warmer. The glaze color of this work is adjusted by the creator to form a reddish and a bluish purple.

Thus, purple is not only a color, but also an expression.

Close your eyes, what kind of purple in your mind at the moment lokks like? Is it warm, unrestrained, exciting, noble, calm or mysterious? Does this purple just express your heart?

Height (mm) 60
Bore (mm) 80
Capacity 210ml (7.1oz)
Color Grape Purple Glaze
Material china

 *All products are measured by hand. Measurement error may occur. The product is made by hand. Images may differ in appearance from the actual product.

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  • One Off product. Because of the nature of these items, we do not accept returns or refund unless they arrive damaged or defective.
  • Because the products are handmade, there is a certain difference in the color distribution between the two.
  • All products in the collection Artisan Ceramic, are 100% handmake ceramic by the artists and starters from Jingdezhen, China.