Tripstyle BOHO

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Able to be easily carried | Fit in car

New Tripstyle - Tripstyle BOHO, with a taller and thinner cup body and a long shoulder strap, which can be perfectly placed in the car cup holder and can be hung on the shoulder.

This product is specially designed designed to carry a reusable cup with elegance!

  • The cup has a capacity of 400ml (13oz), so you can enjoy a large enough drink on the go.
  • Transport safe design, not only you can place your tripstyle in the car holder, but alson you can hang the mug on your shoulder with you wherever you go without worrying about spilled drinks.
  • Easy to carry with the attached strap, the stylish design ensures that this mug will look good anywhere.
  • Vegan PU leather pouch. Your hands will be protected from hot drinks with this PU leather pouch. This item is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea. The leather of PU is durable and long lasting.